IPEC commemorates Insurance Awareness Day 2022

The day, 28 June is a special day on the calendar of the insurance sector, the world over.

It was designated as Insurance Awareness Day, to serve as a reminder to everyone, to review their insurance coverage to ensure that they have the insurance they need and that they are adequately covered.

As part of the commemorations, the Insurance and Pensions Commission, today participated at the Insurance Awareness Day Breakfast meeting organised by Women in Insurance Zimbabwe (WIZ).

Women working in the insurance sector attended the meeting, which ran under the theme: “Leave No Woman Behind”.

In her remarks at the meeting, IPEC Director of Corporate Services, Ms Samantha Nhende underscored the importance of insurance, as a risk mitigation measure.

“Insurance is almost a luxury, yet so fundamental to peace of mind and financial security,” she said.

“It must not be an afterthought, once loss has occurred, such as an accident, a theft or property damaged by fire.

“As we commemorate this day, let us be encouraged to be prudent and ensure that we are adequately covered at all times.”

In line with the theme: “Leave No Woman Behind”, Ms Nhende called on women in the insurance sector to educate other women of the importance of insurance.

“To ensure we do not leave any woman behind, there is need to simplify insurance and make it more accessible to all women, whether in the towns and cities or our rural communities.

“We need to make the insurance contracts and products, more inclusive and affordable to ensure that no woman is left behind,” said Ms Nhende.

Meanwhile, the Commission will be hosting an Insurance Awareness Celebration Roadshow at Chipadze Stadium, this Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Insurance companies and their respective associations will also attend the roadshow.

Mark Ngwazi and Njanja Express will be performing at the roadshow, which will also broadcast live on Radio Zimbabwe.