Insurance and Pensions Commission

The overall functions of the commission are as follows:
  • To register, incorporate, regulate and dissolve pension and provident funds
  • To regulate the insurance business in Zimbabwe
  • To protect the rights and interests of poly holders and pension scheme members
  • To advice government on pensions and insurance issues
  • To facilitate the growth of the pensions and insurance industry
The commission derives its mandate and functions from the following legislative mandates:
  • Pension and Provident Funds Act Chapter 24:09
  • Insurance Act (Chapter 24:07)
  • Insurance and Pension Funds Commission Act (Chapter 24:21)
  • Finance Act (Chapter 23:04)
  • Income Tax Act
  • Money laundering and proceeds of Crime Act (Chapter 09:24)
  • Suppression of foreign and international terrorism Act
IPEC reports to the Ministry of Finance
We are located at:

160 Rhodesville Avenue, Greendale
Tel. 443358/443261/443422
Cell: 0772 154 281, 0772 154 282,
0772 154 283, 0772 154 284

Fax. 443304

E-MAIL: info@ipec.co.zw

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