Motor Insurance is a contract by which an insurance company undertakes to

either compensate the policyholder for loss suffered and/or damage to the

vehicle or third party legal liabilities, caused by an accident, in exchange for a premium. Just like any other contract, all insurance policies require due attention.

When taking out motor insurance policies, prospective policyholders are encouraged to shop around for quotations for the right policy, before making any decisions. They should always remember, it is not always about finding the cheapest quote, but finding a deal that provides the cover required and delivers value for money.

Prospective policyholders should ask their insurers or brokers to help in ascertaining their risks so that they are adequately insured.

The following products are offered by short-term insurers who are members of

the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe:

Full Third Party:

This policy covers liability for property damage, death or bodily injury to third parties.

Full Third Party, Fire and Theft:

This policy provides cover as under the Full Third Party plus damage or loss caused by fire or theft to the insured vehicle.

Consumers should note that the above policies are NOT just a requirement for

ZINARA licensing but also provide compensation to third parties in the event

of an accident. Policyholders should lodge claims with their insurers for compensation of third parties.

However, there is a maximum limit that insurance companies pay as compensation to third parties.

It is equally important for consumers to understand that, should the damage cost to third parties be higher than the maximum limit the insurer can pay, the

policyholder would have to pay the difference from his/her own source, should

the third party pursue in that respect.


This insurance covers Full Third Party, Fire and Theft plus accidental damage to your insured vehicle and medical expenses.

When consumers take out insurance policies, it is their right to be given a policy

document that should reflect what has been purchased in terms of risks covered, premium payable and all other terms and conditions. Consumers should take time to read and understand this document. It is the consumers’ right to seek explanations or clarifications of contents in the policy documents from the insurers to avoid any misunderstandings, which could lead to non-payment of claims.

Consumers should take note that, it is their responsibility to ensure the completeness and correctness of information on the policy document.

Lodging a claim

Notice shall be given in writing to the insurers immediately upon the occurrence of any accident and in the event of any claim. Every letter, claim, summons and/or process shall be forwarded to the insurer, immediately on receipt by the consumer.

The following documents must be submitted for claims to be processed:

  • Completed claim form (obtained from your insurers)
  • Police report
  • Driver’s licence
  • Proof of insurance
  • 3 quotations for vehicle repairs
  • Proof of medical expenses or quotations for treatment in the event of injuries
  • Death certificate(s).

Claims will be paid timeously if all the above listed documents are submitted on time, subject to assessment by the insurance company.

The Insurance Council of Zimbabwe submitted this article on behalf of its members but there were additions by IPEC. For the list of ICZ members visit or call on +263 8677007101