Right to accurate information

Members have the right of access to the following information:

  • Rules of the pension fund especially at entry into the Fund;
  • Any amendments to the Rules of the Fund;
  • Financial statements of the fund as well as actuarial valuation reports;
  • Own annual benefit statement clearly showing contributions made by the member and the employer, expenses deducted from the member, total accumulated benefits, e.t.c; and
  • Investment reports especially for defined contribution schemes.

Right to receive benefits as provided for in the registered Rules of the Fund

  • Members and beneficiaries have the right to timeously receive correct benefits when they become due;
  • Members have a right to transfer benefits from one fund to the other provided that the member has changed employment; and
  • In the event of dissatisfaction with the calculated benefits, members have a right to request for recalculation and the documentation showing how the benefits were arrived at.

Right to be heard

  • Member has the right to file a complaint in respect of his/her pension benefits with the Commission in the case of unfair treatment by the Fund, employer, administrator or any other such party; and
  • Members have the right to be consulted before major decisions that affect their benefits from the fund are made, such as conversion from a Defined Benefit Scheme to a Defined Contribution scheme.

Right to contribute to a pension plan

Any person has a right to contribute to either an individual pension plan or occupational scheme or both.

Right to elect trustees or be elected as a trustee

  • Every member of the scheme has a right to elect member trustees of his/her choice; and
  • Provided a member has the minimum experience and qualifications required to be a trustee of a Pension Fund, every member of the Fund has the right to be elected as a member trustee in his/ her personal capacity.

Right to whistle blow

Members have the right to report/disclose, in confidence to the Board of trustees or the Commission, any unusual or abnormal occurrences which might have a bearing on the Fund’s viability and sustainability.

Right to complain

Every member has a right to complain if he/she feels they have been unfairly treated